Furniture Relocations

Here at Your Property Furnished we often hear from clients wanting to relocate furniture or put it in storage until their property is complete.

Got your eye on some pre-loved furniture?

Want to relocate furniture from of your own properties?

How about a secure and insured storage solution?

Need an experienced professional company to help?

The answer is Your Property Furnished!

It is understandable that to make the numbers stack, it might be logical to looking seriously at product relocation or storage and utilising our infrastructure might just be the answer. At Your Property Furnished our experienced teams have been installing furniture for 20+ years, so you are in good hands!  When projects are time critical we may also be able to offer a same day service.

Example price based on a 3 bed SA package with accessories (from 3 bed house to 3 bed house)

£1.00 per mile from Knutsford to Manchester (£20.00)

£1.00 per mile from Manchester to Birmingham (£87.00)

£1.00 per mile from Birmingham to WA16 OUF (£72.00)

£499.00 to remove

£499.00  to install

Total Cost
£1177.00 plus vat

If storage is required we charge the following amounts (subject to availability) based on the same for 14 days

£1.00 per mile from Knutsford to Manchester (£20.00)

£499.00 to remove

£1.00 per mile from Manchester to Knutsford (£20.00)

£99.00 to distribute to our warehouse

£99.00 to re-distributed from our warehouse

£15.00 per day storage charge x 30 = £150.00

£1.00 per mile from Knutsford to Birmingham (£87.00)

£499.00 plus vat to re-install

Total Cost
£1473.00 plus vat

So what are you waiting for?

Let us do the hard work and take the stress away!

Disclaimer: We are fully insured for goods in transit and conscientious when handling goods but we cannot accept any responsibility for quality of items that you might have purchased without seeing them close up. We will make a note a take photos of any clear defects prior to removing the products from their original site for your reference.

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