String of Pearls

String of Pearls 16cm

Price: £13.00 +VAT

Potted Fern

AF81 Potted Fern 43cm

Price: £15.00 +VAT


Eucalyptus in Vase 45cm
£17.00 +VAT 

Succulent In Grey

PRD1517 Succulent In Grey Cement Bowl H15cm

Price: £19.00 +VAT

Fern in Grey

PRD1518 Fern in Grey Cement Pot H42cm

Price: £22.00 +VAT


Eucalyptus in White Wavy Pot – Medium 28cm / Large 40cm
Medium Price: £17.00 +VAT 
Price: £27.00 +VAT

Tropical Plant

AF90 Tropical Plant in Tin Pot 40cm

Price: £27.00 +VAT

Potted Yukka

AF70 Potted Yucca 58cm

Price: £36.00 +VAT

Potted Bird of Paradise

AF65 Potted Bird of Paradise 83cm

Price: £36.00 +VAT

Yukka Tree

AF43 Large Yucca Tree 110cm

Price: £44.00 +VAT

Fern Tree

AF41 Fern Tree in Black Pot 120cm

Price: £44.00 +VAT

Orchid in Glass Bowl

KMM617 Orchid in Glass Bowl H14cm

Price: £52.00 +VAT

Large Rubber Plant

AF101 Large Potted Rubber Plant 115cm

Price: £62.00 +VAT

Palm Tree

AF87 Palm Tree 180cm

Price: £66.00 +VAT

Fan Palm

AF40 Fan Palm 145cm

Price: £69.00 +VAT

White Hyacinth

KMM654 White Hyacinth Arrangement in Glass Vase H15cm

Price: £85.00 +VAT

Succulent and Skimmia Arrangement

KOW1803 Succulent and Skimmia Arrangement in Faux Marble 17cm

Price: £88.00 +VAT

Banana Tree

AF42 Large Banana Tree 210cm

Price: £110.00 +VAT

White Orchid & Moss

KMM215 White Orchid & Moss in Glass Bowl 65cm

Price: £118.00 +VAT


RSB2238 Zamioculcus in Black Pot 89cm

Price: £135.00 +VAT

Large White Orchid

PRD1700 Large White Orchid Phalaenopsis Plants in Stone-look Bowl 62cm

Price: £139.00 +VAT
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